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The World card is number 21 in the major arcana of the Tarot deck, but is the 22nd card in the deck, as The Fool (the first card in the major arcana), is typically numbered at o. Twenty-two is a master number, relating to successful completions in all.  22 is the higher frequency and vibration of the number 11. It is the transformation of the “lower” into the “higher.” It is “triumph” over earthly matters.

The World card represents the path leading to entire victory and triumph in all activities.  The symbolism from some of the other cards is carried over here to the World card.  For example, some of the same characters depicted on the Wheel of Fortune card appear here on the World card.  We can look at the Tarot deck as a connected thread if we can see it that way.  That is why sometimes we are told that the Tarot cards ‘tell a story’ and they can most definitely be read that way.  The carry over of imagery from card to card is one of those reasons.

In the World card we come face to face with all of our heart’s desires and the culmination of all of our previous efforts.  This card represents great success, happiness, and wholeness. On a physical level, you may find yourself traveling or embracing a more worldly viewpoint.

The World card also represent satisfactory completion of a series of lessons or a very long cycle. All things can bring you to full circle now and the earthly challenges and obstacles that may have previously kept you from attaining true success are beneath you now and cannot enter your picture.

This tarot card tells us to seek closure in all and expect exciting new beginnings. You are finally at the right place at the right time and can even see the bigger picture, especially if your journey has involved overcoming many challenges and obstacles.  Right now, expect new, big, and bright beginnings. The world is your “oyster.” Be happy!

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