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Who Runs the Virtual Psychic Fair?

dyan-garris-official website-pic_WEB_400Dyan Garris is the founder and former owner of The Sedona Psychic Fair, The Phoenix Psychic Fair, and The Tucson Psychic Fair/Holistic Expo, as well as the former owner of the popular spiritual website, Voice of the Angels.   She is an award winning finalist author, artist, #1 charting New Age recording artist, a visionary mystic, voice recognition psychic, and trance channel medium who reads directly from the Akashic Records. Her specialties are chakra balance, manifesting, and teaching people what is missing from the way manifesting was taught.

She has created a Spiritual Toolbox of products that work together for multi-dimensional and integrative living. This includes a multiple award nominated CD series of New Age music and meditation with several #1 charting songs, and a double accredited chakra balance certification course which is also approved as 50 hours of continuing education through NCBTMB.  She is also the author and artist of “Voice of the Angels – A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards” and several other books, including the award winning finalist and best- selling, award winning finalist books “Money and Manifesting and Money and Manifesting II.

The Backstory:

In 2008, after completing her 12th album, “Eight: Music for Ascension,” and driving from Sedona, Spirit asked Garris to “connect up the energy corridor that exists between the three cities, Tucson, Phoenix, and Sedona. Garris was stunned.  She wasn’t an event planner, didn’t know very many, if any, psychics or vendors in any of these cities, and had never done such a thing in her life.  She tried to shelve the idea, but Spirit was gently persistent. And so, through a wing and a prayer, and a big gulp of faith, the three metaphysical events were born. . .and grew, and became very successful.  They were successful on many levels, as Garris watched the magic of Spirit happen. She watched the magic of networking happen. She watched the magic of connection, and even re-connection, happen between psychics, healers, and vendors who hadn’t connected with each other in years. She watched people from all three cities work together, and continue to work together in harmony for a specific and higher purpose.  She was amazed!

In 2012, Dyan’s husband had a massive stroke, rendering him physically and mentally debilitated in major ways. Several strokes followed over the course of the next few years, along with a severe brain hemorrhage.  She was appalled to learn that the mortality rate in such cases is a whopping 50% in the 30 days following such an episode. Her beloved is still here, but the ability to be able to physically run the events was gone.

All through the time period from 2012 to the present moment, Garris devoted a lot of thought, prayer, and meditation to how best to bring the events to an even higher level.  How do we keep the quality and integrity we are known for, yet reach more people and connect even more people together?  How can we bring genuine answers to those genuinely seeking answers? How can someone get a reading with a celebrity psychic, for example, they would perhaps ordinarily have to wait a long time for availability?  How do we bring something like The Sedona Psychic Fair to those who can’t make it to Sedona? How can we all network and connect up in easier and better ways?  And how do we make it affordable for all? And. . .so. . .The Virtual Psychic Fair was born.

But you see, just like Dyan’s other events that were called “psychic fairs,” The Virtual Psychic Fair is just so much more than that.  So, now calling all real psychics, top metaphysicians, genuine spiritual teachers, healers, and seekers alike. . . Spirit’s goal is a high quality, monthly, global, metaphysical, spiritual event/conference/expo that is heretofore unprecedented. The time is now. Let’s do this!


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