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The Wheel of Fortune card in the Tarot deck represents an unexpected or surprising turn for the better is in store. This is karma coming around full circle and soon you will be in a new cycle altogether.

The Wheel of Fortune card is numbered card 10 in the Tarot deck and represents good luck, good fortune, and rewards for past work.  The Wheel also also represents transformation.  There is opportunity for growth and expansion present now.

The Wheel of Fortune teaches us that there is a cyclical nature to all and now you can look for an old cycle to finally come to an end.  A beautiful, bright, new cycle is right at the center of all that concerns you.

Wherever you are in a certain karmic cycle, the Wheel of Fortune reminds us to learn to do whatever you can do from the place that you’re in, knowing that eventually, the wheel will turn. It is not necessary to feel helpless or powerless no matter where you are in the cycle represented by the Wheel of Fortune.  There is ‘good’ in every ‘bad’ and nothing stays the same forever. Learn to work with the cycles that present themselves in your life, as sometimes we are influenced by factors beyond our control. Learning to work with the energies rather than fight against them helps us navigate through.

The Wheel of Fortune card in a Tarot card reading means that even if you can’t see it right now, the wheel of fate is turning upward and positively in your direction. You are being prompted to go in new directions. Know that the keepers of the gates and records are with you. All good is forthcoming and is just around the corner. One more small turn of the ‘wheel’ and you’re there.

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