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What is Click4Advisor and other FAQs

What is Click4Advisor and am I safe making an account?


You can do everything from your Click4Advisor service window! This is the window that pops up when you click on any advisor in The Virtual Psychic Fair psychic directory. You can make your account if you don’t have one, fund your account, buy a special package. Or you can see if the advisor is available, and if not, you can make an appointment or request a callback and more!

Click4Advisor is the calling platform technology provider we use that allows calls to take place between psychic/advisor and client.  Without a calling platform no one would be able to make or receive  a call from our site.

Calls are “blind,” in other words, the psychic/advisor does not get your name or any other personal identifiers or information, and as well you do not receive theirs.

Click4Advisor is easy to use:

1. You first make your Click4Advisor account or login to your existing Click4Advisor account.

2. You fund your account in whatever amount you choose. Calls are charged per minute or we also have special promotions, which allows you to buy a block of time with a particular psychic.

3.  You place the call by clicking our the available advisor’s “call now” button or by calling our convenient toll free number 888-626-7386.  The Click4Advisor technology routes your call anonymously through to the psychic and the calls are hooked together through the Click4Advisor system.  You are assured privacy and anonymity when you call us.

Click4Advisor has been providing their calling platform technology to the live advice industry since 2004. They handle all customer service, all credit card transactions, information, and they are PCI compliant.  Your information is shared with no one.   Make an account with confidence.  Call with confidence.

Please note that you may place a call either by “click to call” from your computer or by using our toll free number 888-626-7386 (after you make your account). To be connected through the toll free system, you will need the advisor ID of the psychic you wish to speak with. This can be found in the pop up service window for each advisor. This window pops up when you click on a psychic’s call now button and does so whether they are available or not.

How do I use your psychic reading services?

How does this Virtual Psychic Fair work exactly?  To use our psychic reading services, you first have to make a Click4Advisor account.  If you already have one, that’s great! You may use that one.  Click on any available advisor you’d like to speak with. The Click4Advisor service window will pop up and there you will see the choices for making an account if you don’t have one, funding your account, calling now if the advisor is available, making an appointment, arranging a convenient call back to you if the advisor is busy, engaging in a live chat, etc.  For a limited time promotion at The Virtual Psychic Fair, we are offering 3 free minutes for your first reading. New clients only. Make your account here.

real_psychic_mediums_vpf copyWho are these psychics you have here?

The psychics, presenters, and advisors we have with us here on The Virtual Psychic Fair, are interviewed thoroughly, tested for professionalism, real psychic ability, and in most instances are personally known to us and/or we have worked with them previously. Not just anyone can “sign up” to be a reader in our online event.  Our psychics are professional people with authentic psychic abilities that we know and trust.

8-free-presentations copyHow do I attend a live lecture/workshop/presentation?

On event dates, the link to attend each presentation is found in each lecture description on our free lecture page.  Lectures/workshops/presentations are totally free. You may attend a missed presentation for a limited time after each event by visiting our lecture replay room.

Have more questions? Contact us here. We are happy to answer.