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The Hermit tarot card does not have the meaning some people think it does. So what does it mean when this card is in your tarot reading? The Hermit is number 9 in the major arcana of the Tarot deck.  The Hermit card is not necessarily a card about being alone, although solitude can often bring great peace to the soul.  This tarot card is more about that this is a good time for deep introspection and reflection. It is also a good time for pause from hectic, superficial, or social activities. It is time to go deeper within yourself and to look for more depth in others as well.

The Hermit card represents a time to look inward for answers rather than to the outside world.  New directions can arise from engaging in this time of introspection.  You may find yourself feel isolated at the moment, and feel disheartened because of it. You may even feel abandoned in some sense of the word.

However, discreet wisdom from a higher power, perhaps leading to a future journey, may be approaching. We can use the time of the Hermit to come to deeper understandings, and fresh perspectives. Some of which can ultimately lead us into deeper and more meaningful spiritual enlightenment. Many people on a soul path get this tarot card in their spread. They could be well on their spiritual journey or right at the beginning.

If you are in this “Hermit” position, know that you are not alone. We never are. We are all connected. Use time prudently and allow guidance to come forth through the light. Develop a true relationship with the self and with the higher powers. Allow true compassion for yourself and others to come to the forefront and guide you through to the way forward.  When you emerge from the Hermit position, you will be able to shine the light more brightly on the path, both for yourself and for others. And you will be able to do it from a higher perspective.

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