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The Hanged Man is numbered card 12 in the major arcana of the Tarot deck. Its meaning pertains to ‘hanging upside-down, waiting and suspended.” You may wonder how you can you make any moves?  It may not be the best time to make any moves in any direction, and so the Hanged Man definitely serves a good purpose.  Everything happens in perfect diving timing.  Note, however, that in the depiction, the person is still connected, both above and below. And that is important to understand.

With the Hanged Man, hope is on either side and light streams all around you and your situation. Take this time of what could be a period of waiting, to step back and seriously reevaluate your goals, dreams, and visions for the future.  How do you really want your life to shape up or show up?

You have the power to create anything you want, even if you feel as if you are upside-down, contorted, or not able to grasp that which seems to be just beyond your reach as shown here in the Hanged Man card.  You may feel as if you are in limbo. You may feel as if you are abandoned. Note that as real as they may seem, these are illusions.

The Hanged Man reminds us to not allow ourselves to fall into the pit of old patterns and habits or of despair.  Wise decisions borne through the maturity of the lessons of patience can be made regarding your physical and spiritual life.

Even though some degree of patience and perhaps sacrifice of one’s primary personal agenda may be involved, “hang” in there and know that all is for a good reason and all happens in its own season. Just wait and do whatever you can do from the position in which you find yourself. There is always at least something you can do from the position that you are in.

When the Hanged Man shows up in a Tarot spread, use this time wisely to ultimately make something even better than first imagined.  In this place of waiting, allow new possibilities and ideas to arise and turn themselves about into an upright position so that action can be initiated at the appropriate time.

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