The Empress in Osho Zen Tarot is Creativity

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The Empress tarot card (Creativity in the Osho Zen Tarot) is a pretty positive card to get in a psychic reading. The Empress in tarot represents the softer, more fertile side of the Emperor.  The Empress is numbered card 3 in the major arcana of the tarot deck.   She is Mother Earth, goddess energy, symbolizing luxury and harmony.  Material wealth, abundance of all sorts, and coming ease are forecast here if this card is in the future position. This is a great card to show up in your tarot reading if you are hoping to start a business, or any career success. It is a time for reaping your rewards from all your hard work. Not only that, but no matter where the Empress shows up in a tarot reading, the card means general fruitfulness and fertility abound and are within reach.

The Empress also reminds us to be grateful for all, not just material possessions, but for all that we have, all that surrounds us, all that we may have had, all that we shall have, and for all prosperity and abundance that shall come forth into our lives. This includes non-material abundance and the different kinds of wealth found throughout all of the rich tapestry of life. Always remember to show gratitude, and remind yourself there is always something to be grateful for. Connect with the sensual and divine feminine side of life. Connect or reconnect with nature, as there is great power there. Through the connection of earth and sky you can see your dreams, goals, visions, and ideas be “born.”

The Empress is a natural nurturer and may also represent fertility, children, or physical birth of a child. Allow yourself to nurture and be nurtured in turn.  In business, the Empress can represent the ‘birth’ of a new enterprise. There is universal support of this. Be fruitful and multiply.

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