Chariot Tarot Card Shadowscapes Tarot

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The Chariot is numbered card 7 of the major arcana in the Tarot deck. The Chariot in Tarot can represent someone who is arrogant or uses bullying techniques to get what they want.  However, this card is positive and indicates ultimate triumph over all material forces, including bullys.  These also include health challenges, false friends, and bitter rivals or opponents. All things can be overcome when this card is present. In general it is a card of greatness.

One focus and meaning of the Chariot card is on spiritual matters and the transcendence and transformation of earthly matters. It is important to note that the character pictured on the Chariot card is not “steering the ship” by means of any visible reins. They are steering their ship by means of the magic wand from the Magician card.  Isn’t that interesting? So it is imperative to get control of yourself. Learn to become a master over your emotions as these can be a powerful driving force to wherever you choose to go.

Physical travel, a new means of getting to where you want to go, positive change or movement of a previously stagnant situation is also represented here.  Bold and decisive action is called for.  Reflect upon which way you want to go and what is the best course of action. Reflect upon, ponder, and consider both sides of any situation. Consider what you can control and what you cannot control. In general, when the Chariot card appears in a Tarot reading, look for good news to appear.

Rather than be driven by your base desires, emotions, or aggressive tendencies, consciously channel these and use them for forward moving energy rather than being driven by your desires. Learn to drive yourself and your chariot of life in the direction you want to go by harnessing the power that is inside.

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