The Sun - Shadowscapes Tarot

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The Sun is numbered tarot card 19 of the major arcana in the Tarot deck.  The Sun is one of the best, most optimistic cards in the entire Tarot deck, forecasting wonderful times ahead. It portends great happiness and light shining upon all you do. You may happy, with a sense of enlightenment and may attain great breakthroughs in all that concerns you.  While it is important to maintain a sense of realism within our enthusiasm, when the Sun is shining upon us, we can more easily see our way forward. We can also radiate our positive energy outward. And this energy is contagious, affecting all we do and all we encounter.

The Sun card may indicate a literal visit to a sunny locale for some rest, relaxation, and to soak up the healing energy of our sun’s warm rays. Allow yourself to drink in this invigorating energy whether it be physical or in an esoteric sense. In business or love relationships keep things as light and as simple as possible.  Don’t let things get too serious of heavy at the present moment. Focus on enjoying yourself but don’t stray completely away from being responsible. Stay away from the ‘shadow’ side of anything.  Be honest, forthright, and as transparent as possible.

The Sun card reminds us as well to “be as little children,” yet not in a naive or foolish way. It is important to understand the difference between being childlike and perhaps irresponsible, and mature yet reinvigorated. You have to find the balance between frivolous and serious. Creating that harmony can allow you to happily move forward on the path.  The Sun card asks us to release all worries.  Know that you are safe, happy, and all is being attended to. Approach all with a sunny, bright, and happy attitude. The best is soon to come.


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