Strength - Rider Waite TarotStrength is numbered card 8 of the major arcana in the Tarot deck.  Its meaning is pretty obvious for the most part, but it does not necessarily relate to physical strength. The card of Strength in the Tarot deck is about taming the outer beast from within. The Strength card meaning in Tarot represents triumph of the spirit over the carnal.  It is also about taking all you have learned up to this point and combining it together as a point of power.

The strength being addressed here does not speak to physical, brute force.  It speaks to using the great wisdom and knowledge that has been gathered upon the journey. Now is the time to implement and integrate all of that in order to effectively reach your goals.  Strength here in this tarot card also indicates the triumph and mastery over the base, humanistic wants, needs, desires, feelings, and emotions.

As with many other cards in the Tarot deck, we can see that some of the symbolism carries over from card to card.  For example, here in the Strength card, we have the infinity symbol carrying over from one of the other major arcana cards, The Magician.  The woman in the tarot card is wearing a similar robe to the one that the fool wears.  The flowers depicted in this tarot card can be representative of the fertility and blossoming we can find in the Empress card. So all is connected. True inner resilience does not arise out of the need to show outward or physical power or fortitude.

The meaning of this tarot card is to approach all with quiet strength, wisdom, confidence, and fortitude. Fortitude is within you. Wisdom is gathered through experience. There is great power in gentleness. Be persistent. Don’t give up. This is a card of victory and triumph over all obstacles, be it illness, oppression of some sort, or extreme hardship.  You win.

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