soumates-and-twinflamesSoulmates and twin flames seem to be what everyone is in search of these days. When it comes to romance, soulmates and twin flames seem to be on most people’s wish list. So many clients ask when they will meet their soul mate or twin flame. That is not something we can always see, because the timing of your soul mate entering your life is on the universe’s time, and according to universal plan.

Many clients want to know if the person they are with is their soul mate or twin flame. There is a difference between the two. Soul mates and twin flames are not the same thing. You would also be surprised to learn how many people think that if they meet their soul mate or twin flame, their relationship is destined to work out and they will stay together forever. This is a myth, something perpetuated by Hollywood movies and television.

Soul mates for one, are often the most drama laden relationships of all time. Soul mates are not about just romance and love, they are challenging relationships where personal growth and change is REQUIRED in order for the relationship to have longevity. And with change and growth must come work, and I mean hard work.

Soul mate relationships often have at least one of the soul mates so frustrated they want to rip their hair out of their head. I cannot tell you how many clients I have spoken to during their soul mate crisis times that wished they had NEVER met their soul mate. That is how bad it can get.

Like I said, soul mates are not just about flowers, Hallmark cards and romance. These can be very tough challenges, and many people find themselves completely unprepared. Twin flame relationships are much smoother, with much less drama.  The difference between soul mates and twin flames can be like night and day.

Psychics understand soulmates and twin flame relationships more than a lot of other people do. All your friends may think you are crazy, and they may not want to hear another word about your roller coaster of a relationship. It is hard to explain a soul mate or twin flame connection to someone that has never experienced it. When you talk to soul mate and twin flame psychics, they get it. They know what you are going through, and the intensity and sometimes insanity that comes with them.

A soul mate or twin flame relationship may seem confusing, frustrating, and you may even be questioning your own sanity at this point. We understand. Not all soul mate and twin flame relationships have the same challenges, and there are even cases of there being no bumps in the road for some of them. However, in most soul mate relationships especially, their are some pretty large bumps in the road.

Because emotions run so high in these kinds of relationships, it is those emotions that often dictate how problems are handled. emotions are not logical, and do not make the best decisions or account for the best behavior either. Don’t throw in the towel just yet. These relationships are often worth fighting for, even if you may have run out of ideas or patience.

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