6-of-cups-thoth-tarot-694x1024The Six of Cups in a tarot reading can represent innocence or the longing to return to a simpler time. It can represent happy reunions or social situations involving groups of people. Something or someone from the past could bring you a sense of happiness. You may have been thinking of this person or thing, or forgotten them for a long time. You could be the recipient of monies from the past such as an inheritance, or other generous and joyful gifts coming your way. In some cases it will be unexpected, coming out of the blue. You yourself may be feeling charitable. Perhaps, as well, you will encounter a childhood friend or revisit childhood memories. You may remember your good old days of high school or college, or even youth. You may wind up reminiscing about these times either by yourself or with someone who may ave shared those experiences with you.

The suit of Cups represents emotions. If you get the Six of Cups it may be that something from your childhood, youth, or the distant past comes up to the surface now in order to be healed. You may simply be longing for an easier time. Wherever nostalgia takes you, be aware that as mature adults we cannot effectively live in the past.  Be sure not to “cling” to the past.  It’s a nice place to visit sometimes, but we can’t stay there. The things of childhood must be eventually put away.

In any situation or relationship, be sure that you are not acting in an immature or childish manner and be sure you are not allowing yourself to be naive. The Six of Cups prompts us revisit the past, examine it thoroughly, but then move forward from there. As well, the Six of Cups speaks to safety and security of sorts. Turn your back on and let go of worries.

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