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Oracle of Tea Oracle Deck

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This 40 card oracle deck, Oracle of Tea, is Tarot size and comes in a 2 piece box with a top lifting lid. It is for sale now! Too, we hope you find these tea readings online to be not only fun and different, but as a truly helpful tool to you on your spiritual path. Scroll down for the full description and history.

Product Description

Oracle of Tea oracle deck by Dyan Garris is a 40 card free tea reading online. This is a “light” oracle deck, an easier type of online reading than, for example, the readings with The Integration Cards, which go deep into your layers and chakras. We’ve made this into an animated oracle deck reading you can access for free online.

Since we don’t have actual tea leaves online, for your reading, I’ve channeled the “cup,” the message for you of and from the tea itself, using several different types of tea. And doing it this way, I found the tea readings to be uncannily accurate.

Years ago, my friend took me to a lady who did tea leaf readings. I was fascinated with this lady’s ability to give me an accurate, and quite extraordinarily detailed reading from the tea leaves in the bottom of my tea cup. From these little tea leaves, she came up with real names, real people, and real scenarios that actually all came to pass. I didn’t get a chance to visit her again, but I never forgot it.

My mother, too, sometimes used to read Greek coffee cups as fun after dinner entertainment. She also was quite accurate in her readings. The reading of tea leaves and even Greek coffee cup readings, is an ancient art of divination passed on through many generations. It’s called Tasseography (καφεμαντεία in Greek).

Essentially, all Tasseography, whether it be with tea leaves or with coffee grounds, is done through intuition, symbolism, and through the interpretation of patterns left by the grounds or tea leaves in the cup after one finishes the drink.

I’ve wanted to create a tea oracle online for a long time, as a fun alternative to angel card readings online. And as I searched I couldn’t find an online tea leaf reading that really spoke to me or that was even remotely accurate. So my Oracle of Tea was born.