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Crystal Angels 444: Healing with the Divine Power of Heaven & Earth

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Crystal Angels 444 provides a truly unique approach to crystal healing, combining the natural healing properties of each crystal and its “crystal angel” or “spirit” with divine guidance channeled from heavenly angels such as Archangels Raphael, Gabriel, Metatron, and Melchizedek. Together they help you bring your spirit and body together as one and live with more peace and prosperity, passion and purpose.

Each chapter deals with a powerful precious stone and its heavenly angel and features a range of sacred rituals and processes to help you harness the healing potential of that stone and deepen your connection with yourself and the divine guidance supporting you.

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Crystal Angels 444: Healing with the Divine Power of Heaven & Earth


Alana Fairchild is a spiritual teacher with an international client base and teaches all around the world.

Alana has a unique approach to her work, using music, voice, live channeling, and spiritual energy to offer an experience of the divine. She often describes her work as being that of a soul whisperer, shaman, priestess, and spiritual alchemist combined.

Alana’s work includes the Crystal Spirituality series of books, starting with the best-selling Crystal Angels 444, as well as sacred music, meditation CDs and DVDs, and oracle decks (including the internationally-translated Kuan Yin Oracle).

Alana lives and breathes the divine, and she invites you to do the same through her music, voice, meditations, and writings so that you may live your highest divine destiny this lifetime.



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