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Angels Simplified


Marilyn Poscic was guided by the Angels, she lovingly calls “The Guys,” to write a book about Angels that is very simple and easy to understand.She will teach you skills to use in everyday life. With 20 years of research she shares her knowledge and wants you to read this book before you sit down with your child and read the children’s book she has also created. People are becoming more and more aware and wanting to learn more about a world they cannot see, touch, hear or feel like we do in our everyday “human” world. This book will answer so many questions and bring you more love, happiness, peace and closure.

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Product Description

Marilyn Poscic is a nationally known, Intuitive Angel Messenger/Medium, Author of Last Soul Standing, Presenter, Spiritual Mentor and Reiki Master Teacher. She assists thousands of people each year with messages she receives from Angels and loved ones whom have passed over connecting them to their own inner truth. Marilyn helps to reveal the lessons you are here to learn, by expanding your ability to recognize, hear and heed your Angels and other Spiritual Guides, including deceased loved ones. She assists people in finding their own spiritual guidance and helps you to release blockages consistently bringing greater personal awareness, love, happiness, comfort, healing and closure to those who experience her messages, mentoring and teachings.