Queen of Cups – The Meaning in Tarot Cards
Queen of Cups Thoth Tarot Deck

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The queen of cups is a rather positive card to get in a tarot reading spread. The queen of cups symbolizes a compassionate, loving, supportive woman. This card most probably represents someone real in your life rather than a metaphorical influence. The queen of cups represents a woman that can help you get things done when she wants. This woman can be extremely helpful to you when it comes to making very important connections. Those connections can be psychological connections such as the facilitation of some sort of emotional or spiritual breakthrough. Such as where all of a sudden everything makes sense, and the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. These connections also can be by the introduction in the physical realm to those who can help you. This connection could be a personal one, or even perhaps someone to help you with your career.

The Queen of Cups will not tolerate abuse, betrayal, or subterfuge. The queen of clubs does not have time for anything that is not morally sound. She is representative of high integrity and professionalism in business. Do not engage in anything shady or questionable. She will not be receptive to anything like that at all. Be careful not to engage in co-dependence. Be in touch with and in control of your emotions and emotional responses. Emotional outbursts will simply not do.

The Queen of Cups can help you get to where you want. Through her quite finely tuned intuition and deep connections she will assist you in finding the right path. She will hold you in high regard and expect you to do the same. She will give respect, and demand it in return. She can represent calmness and peace coming through to any  emotionally charged situation.  Look for good news in relation to money or health or both.

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