Psychic Pamela – The High Priestess of Love

Psychic Pamela Cummins,The High Priestess of Love, can guide you in your love life and relationships. Pamela, also known as Reverend Pamela also assist you with your self-growth, and dream interpretation. She works with Angels and Guides and uses her psychic abilities of clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance to shine the light on your path. Pamela’s clients refer to her as the “Musical Psychic” because she often receives messages in the form of song lyrics. Her unique coaching and mentoring skills gives you the manifestation toolbox to achieve your goal. RATE: $3.99 per minute.  Pamela’s Special Packages.

Even if Psychic Pamela’s call button shows her as “unavailable” you can click on it anyway and make an appointment with her or arrange a callback at your convenience through the service window that will pop up.