Psychic MediumsAre All Psychic Mediums Psychic?

The simple answer is “No, all psychic mediums are not necessarily psychic.” And all psychics are not necessarily mediums or psychic mediums either.  Mediums are people who have the spiritual gift of being able to speak with, connect with those that have crossed over into other realms.  But having this gift does not make them “psychic.”  And it does not make them a psychic medium.  A “psychic” is a person who can see into the future.  Period.  A psychic is a person who makes predictions and hopefully accurate predictions if they are calling themselves “psychic.” A “medium” is someone who has the ability to speak with those who have crossed over away from the Earth plane. Period, unless they are “psychic mediums.”

It is important to note that we cannot “make” ourselves a “medium” and we cannot “make” ourselves a “psychic.” These are genuine spiritual gifts and we either have them or we don’t. And although everyone comes in here with innate intuition and sensitivity, not everyone is a psychic, and not everyone is a medium, and not everyone is a psychic medium. Certainly, we can hone our natural gifts, as we are meant to do no matter what those gifts are. But we cannot make ourselves into a zebra if we are a turtle, no matter how hard we try or how many stripes we paint on our outer shell.

For our discussion of mediums, let’s take, for example, the Long Island Medium (whatever your opinion of her is does not matter).  She does not purport to be a “psychic.” She states very clearly that she is a “medium” and explains exactly what that is. She speaks with and is able to connect with those who have crossed over from this place. She does not say either that she is a “psychic medium.” She is a “medium.”

Most true mediums we find on the Earth today are what we would call “natural mediums.” That is the person has been a medium from birth, has come in with this gift, not to deceive humanity, but to help and assist and bring comfort to the earthbound in these very challenging times. And sometimes now they are just coming to accept that gift, to come awake to it, and to work with it fully.  They do not go around and “wake” the dead.  The dead show up to “mediums” with a message or specific messages of comfort for their loved ones and/or because they may have unfinished business here.

So mediums are capable of bringing great comfort.  But a real medium will be able to and will furnish specific and accurate details, not just tell you that your loved one is okay, safe, and happy and in a better place. That is ridiculous.  No matter what the circumstances of their earthly death and leaving of the physical body, of course they are fine. Life goes on infinitely.

Now, a “psychic medium” is someone who has the natural gift of mediumship, either trance medium or conscious medium, and also someone who can and does bring forth accurate predictions of the future. These predictions, this guidance, this “psychicness,” can come directly from the crossed over loved one, or from the guides and angels of the person who is querying or seeking answers from spirit.

Not everyone who thinks they are a medium is a medium either.  We ALL have the ability to connect with our crossed over loved ones? Did you know that? We do. It’s all a matter of frequency and vibration.  It is not a parlor trick or something bizarre.  However, not everyone who is able to receive clear and direct messages from their own crossed over people, for example, is actually a true medium.

It is important to understand that the answers to the truth in any matter are always in the ability to discern between Love and the agenda, between the agenda and what we think we want to hear or think we perceive.  In order to get to the truth of any matter, we must be willing to be brutally honest with ourselves. And quite frankly, most people are not willing to do that or simply cannot do it, or their concept of how their lives should show up would be totally shattered.

It is important to note as well that with all the “ghosthunting” going on these days, many portals are being opened that were previously closed and slammed shut (for very good reasons) with no ingress possible.  Sometimes entities that have decided for whatever reasons to stay on the astral plane, the next dimension over from this one, like to play games or otherwise entertain themselves and others, and do so at this time because they can easily get through the now open doors.

Hopefully, this clears up some things regarding psychics, psychic mediums, and mediums and answers the question, “Are all psychic mediums psychic?   Remember, in all encounters, psychic, mediumistic or otherwise, our own or brought forth by someone else, use your powers of discernment.  All gifts, spiritual or otherwise, are given to us for wise use. Whether we do so or not is our choice.

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