With compassion and direction, Cia offers tarot readings for insight and advice to improve any situation you may face in your day-to-day life. The information the reader pulls based on your question aims to help you as much as possible in achieving your goals and experiencing a life with a resonating perspective you can follow.

Cia has clairsentient and clairaudient abilities, passed down unto her from her grandmother’s gift of clairvoyance and mother’s clairsentience. With such gifts, she uses them as well as her knowledge of the Tarot to provide you with messages that can improve your current circumstance and lead you toward the outcome you aspire to gain.

Led by the love to help others, Cia extends an intuitive, helping hand throughout all aspects of life, while specializing in the field of love and relationships. All she asks of you is to provide your date of birth and your questions to discover the solution to your situation together.

***** Testimonial: Psychic Cia is WONDERFUL, clear, to the point, and most importantly, spot on. Your questions get answered thoroughly. Call her. You won’t be disappointed! ~ D.G.

RATE: $2.99 per minute.

Even if Psychic Cia’s call button shows her as “unavailable” you can click on it anyway and make an appointment with her or arrange a callback at your convenience through the service window that will pop up.