increase psychic abilityCan You Increase your Psychic Ability?

You can definitely increase your psychic ability if you are already psychic.  If you’re not psychic, you can’t “get” psychic.  You can, in that case, however, definitely increase your intuition and intuitive abilities.

In both cases, the steps to increase your natural abilities are essentially the same.  It all starts with meditation. But why?  There are those who perceive meditation as “work” instead of the blissful, spiritually connective experience that it is.

Whatever your perception, to increase your psychic ability, and to increase your intuition, you’re going to have to start there.  Both psychic ability and intuition are not functions of the linear mind. That’s why you need to meditate.  You can’t “do” a spiritual function with only the power of your linear mind. You can try. But if you want to increase your psychic ability or intuitive ability, know and understand this important point.  Meditation is the bridge between the physical and linear mind to the esoteric, “psychic,” metaphysical and spiritual realms.

When we are in a meditative state, if we have psychic or mediumistic ability, we can then receive accurate guidance from our angels and spirit guides and even Source.  And the same holds true if we have intuitive ability: In meditation we can receive clear messages and therefore heighten our abilities.  But it’s like anything else.  To become superbly proficient you’re going to have to practice.

How to meditate is a whole different article. But in essence it all starts with clearing and quieting the chatter of the conscious mind that is so focused on earthly matters, and opening a pathway of energy – starting with the breath – through each chakra and connecting that energy flow up however high you’d like to go or are capable of going.

If you’re already psychic, (and even if you are an “Intuitive” as well), you will probably understand this statement: To increase your psychic abilities, then ask from a meditative state, to go “higher.”  Ask for the highest guides, angels, and Source energy to come through to you.  Ask for only truth in its purest form.  It isn’t necessary to try to channel ascended masters.  Increasing your psychic ability is more about not trying to do anything other than receive the truth of any matter.

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