What are Past Lives?

Past LivesThe term past lives is really a misnomer because life is on a continuum.  And all of life is lived multi-dimensionally as well.  This means that we don’t die. It also means that our soul is not linear – like our earth-bound concept of time – and that we have different aspects of our soul doing different things all at the same time.  So it’s not that we’re time traveling and it’s not that we have “past lives.”  It’s that life, all of life, simply continues on into eternity.

These concepts may be difficult for us to understand because the way time is designed to function here on this planet and is structures is so that we may also function within its conception .  Time here is beautifully designed so that we may have rhythm and order to our days while we are here.

But in reality, there is no time.  But if we go and have a past life regression, we’re going to come up with what we call “past lives.” These are lifetimes where you were doing xyz and had a different name and so forth.  And those lives took place in a different “time” and space on the continuum.  But that time is not necessarily a “past time” or one of your “past lives,” because all of life takes place simultaneously.

In any event, it can be helpful to know about our “past lives,” because often we have unfinished business from those lives.  We can also carry over trauma, in the form of cellular memory, from one lifetime to the next.  And when something like this is stuck in our cellular memory – at a deep and basic level – it can definitely affect this lifetime in the form of our lessons, unrealistic and innate fears and phobias, experiences, relationships, and actions. You can find out about your past lives by getting a psychic reading or a psychic reading from a psychic that specializes in past lives or past life regression.

We can also leave “pieces” of our soul elsewhere and what this means is that we may feel like we are “missing” something or someone or some part of ourselves may feel incomplete.  In this instance, a session with a reconnective healer or a soul retrieval session may be in order in order to understand your life’s purpose and gain some clarity your incarnation this time around. “Around” is the operative word.  All of life is but a continuous circle.

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