Tarot Nine of CupsNine of Cups tarot card is a great card to show up in your reading. The Nine of Cups is sometimes looked upon as the “wish card” by many tarot readers. It is time for your wishes, or one wish in particular to come true. The other tarot cards in your reading may help you narrow down what that wish may be. You may have been secretly hoping for a long time for something to happen, or change. Now could very well be that time.

Even though the suit of Cups represents our emotional natures, this is an excellent card and a good omen for all that concerns you. This could be dealing with love and relationships, A relationship you were hoping to have may finally happen. A relationship you are currently in may move to a higher level. You finances could be changing for the better, same with your health, or anything else for that matter. It is a time that joy, happiness, and abundance are upon you. Remember, this is also a time to count your blessings.

You need to trust and know that everything will go your way as you have all your “cups in a row.” Things have lined up perfectly for you to be blessed with abundance. The nine of cups is a portend of great satisfaction. You must be very careful though. Be mindful not to overdo or overindulge in anything. Remember to keep things balanced. Only this way will you maintain a sense of harmony with all areas of your life. You have waited and waited. Dreamed and hoped. Now the time has come. What you have wished for is upon you now and most probably sooner than you think.

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