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The Moon is numbered card 18 in the major arcana of the Tarot Deck.  Pictured here is The Moon card from the Osho Zen deck, which is called “Past Lives.” The Moon is a rather interesting card heralding moodiness in general and emotional confusion that may pertain to women or relationships involving women.  This Tarot card can sometimes represent deceit and betrayal by a woman or by someone with feminine characteristics, or a person ruled by their emotions. And you may not be expecting that betrayal, so be aware.

As well, in the Moon card, we are reminded in this card to take note of all that is reflective and dual in our world and in our natures and the natures of others. When the Moon card shows up in a Tarot reading, pay close attention to the messages that come your way. Examine the deeper meaning in all and yet do not allow yourself to become distracted or overly-emotional. You may feel anxious, depressed, confused, or even fearful. Know that this shall pass.

But as with all, moonlight has its positive aspects and the Moon card is no exception.  The Moon can be romantic. It can represent harvest. It can be a point of illumination of hidden emotions. Feelings can be expressed best now through creative endeavors such as writing, artistry, or music. Intuition can reach new heights. The subconscious can be effectively balanced with consciousness now, even if the path forward has not yet come to light. It does no good to force or forge the way forward now. Allow whatever feelings and emotions are underneath, to come up to the surface for examination and reflection. Introspect, but narcissistically so.

When the Moon card shows up, know that this time, which could be rife with uncertainty and indecision, will also soon pass. Everything does. Clarity will come.  So focus on the more positive aspects of the moon. Let go of fear. Use the time constructively to unearth, uncover, and express, and reflect upon deeper aspects of your soul, and all will be well.

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