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The Fool card in a Tarot deck is in what is called the Major Arcana.  It is the first card of the Major Arcana, and is often numbered as “0,” but sometimes as “1.”  The meaning of the Fool card should be clear in the depiction,  or is it? Many people are not so sure, and have found the card a bit confusing. So what does it mean when the fool card shows up in a tarot  reading?

A fool is not necessarily foolish unless he or she is not paying attention to what is going on around them.  The Fool tarot card means that while we may be at the beginning of something, therefore “young” to whatever it is, we do not necessarily have to approach with complete innocence or naivety.

In tarot card meaning, the Fool has embarked upon a journey, but with his eyes up to the sky instead of looking forward. He or she isn’t fully paying attention.  The Fool card in tarot reminds us to pay attention. The meaning in a tarot reading may indicate that a person may have lofty ideals, a good idea, but may lack the practical, worldly experience necessary to implement the plans or take the next steps forward that are necessary to achieving their vision.  All of the necessary information may not be available yet. And the Fool has not yet encountered the energy present in the Magician card which is the card that comes next after the Fool in the Tarot deck.

The Fool in Tarot then, is on a journey.  The necessary experience and information can be gathered by willing to go on the journey, and by allowing others to teach that which is not already known, and paying close attention to where we are headed.

The arrogance of thinking we know it all may lead to failed hopes and dreams. Allow yourself to be guided as you embark on new adventures. Be sure to honor all along the way, and pay attention to what is presenting itself. There is no shame in acknowledging that we simply do not know it all.

The Fool in Tarot prompts us to embark on an exciting new journey and to go forth with an open mind and heart. But be a sponge for new learning instead of a fool who does not see what is in directly front of him.

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