The Emporer - Original Rider Waite TarotIf the Emperor card comes out in your tarot readings, you need to fully and accurately understand its meaning. The Emperor in tarot represents leadership and stability. It also symbolizes structure and authority.  This card is numbered card 4  in the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck.  The qualities of balanced masculinity are present. Those of father or authority figures, and effective leadership are symbolized by the Emperor card.  It is representative of and a reminder of self control and discipline. It is not representative of tyranny or dictatorship. Think more along the lines of diplomacy rather than disrespect.

The Emperor card prompts us to examine and refine our leadership style.  It is fine to be a leader, but are you being the right kind of leader? Be sure that you are not being controlling or obsessive. No one likes a control freak or someone who is domineering. Certain kinds of dedicated discipline are used to build strength and power. Examples of this would be consistent training or exercise, The Emperor card suggests that you engage productively in those kinds of activities.  We are reminded by the Emperor card that tyranny is abusive and ultimately benefits no one. Harmony cannot exist in those circumstances.

When the Emperor shows up in a Tarot reading, it can indicate that you may be dealing with authority figures. (Or that you are looked upon as an authority figure.) The way out and through a situation now may be through established routes.  Structure and routine are necessary to reach the goals.  While this structure may at first seem confining,  there is good reason for bringing order into our lives.  If we don’t have order, we have chaos.

The Emperor card reminds us to command respect by first being respectful of all. You must also include respecting yourself. Remember to use all power wisely. Lead effectively, so you can expect a fruitful harvest.

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