Osho Tarot - The Lovers CardThe Lovers card quite often shows up in tarot readings about relationships. But what is the meaning of this card? The Lovers card in Tarot is number 6 in the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck. The Lovers card meaning in a Tarot reading can represent an actual love relationship. It can be either twin flame or the soul mate kind. These relationships may exist already or be one that is coming in soon.

A romantic relationship might not always be the case. This card can represent a partnership of any kind. This card is also associated with the astrological symbol Gemini. Even if you are not presently looking for a partnership (either romantic or otherwise) the universe may still present it to you.

The symbolism depicted in the Lovers card shows an angel looking down upon the ‘Lovers’ from above and blessing the relationship or partnership between the male and female energies. The angel that is present can symbolize a divine partnership such as twin flames or soul mates.

The Lovers card can also indicate the need to make an important choice involving both head and heart and establishing a good and healthy balance between “above” and “below.” The Lovers card in Tarot also symbolizes the dual nature of masculine-feminine, good-evil, light-dark, and the inherent duality we face every day between the physical and the spiritual. Temptation can be strong at this time. So which is real? What brings the most happiness? Only you can decide. And decide wisely you must.

Temper head with heart in making this decision whatever it pertains to. Do not make rash decisions because the Lovers card indicates that whatever is decided is likely to have long reaching ramifications. Be true yourself and your own system of values.  But know that there are no wrong decisions. Time will tell you what you need to know and all paths will eventually converge.

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