Psychic love spellsLove spells, curse removals, aura cleanses are nothing but costly scams. Many people searching for psychic readings are vulnerable and desperate and can be taken advantage of by unethical “psychics.”  Because of a broken heart, psychics are sometimes asked to perform spells or other magic to reunite clients with those they love. The client is hurt so badly and wants the pain to stop.  Some believe that a psychic has the power to heal their broken heart and get their lost love to reunite with them. They believe someone has cursed them, and brought misfortune into their lives. They believe that a psychic can remove the curse and their lives will take a turn for the better almost immediately. Sometimes they believe that someone placed a spell or curse on the one they loved that made them leave. They believe without the removal of the spell or curse they will never have a chance to get back together with their ex. They spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, and put themselves in a financial crisis along with the emotional crisis they are already in.

Ethical psychics will tell clients, “This is not something we can do.”  We do not, nor does anyone else, have the power to bring someone you love back to you. Everyone possesses free will, and no one can overpower our own free will. The same goes with curses. Someone can curse you if they want to, but it won’t affect your life. They simply do not possess the power to influence the universe or anything else to go against you by cursing you. Your fear of the curse may manifest into negative energy, but that is by your own doing, not the “power” of a curse. So, if someone tells you that you or your family (or anyone you care about), has been cursed and will help remove it for a fee, they are out to scam you. Plain and simple. You don’t need a curse removal or aura cleansing. These are all scams to part you with your hard earned money and won’t do a thing for you.

When a client is afraid that a curse or spell has been put on them or loved ones, they often become afraid. Fear is what these scam artists feed on. They want you to be afraid that your life will be forever ruined if you do not get rid of the curse placed on you. They can hear the fear in your voice when you tell them how desperate you are to reunite with your ex. This fear is what they use to make you pay for useless spells, curse removals, and aura cleansing. If the person you love comes back to you, it won’t be because of anything they have done. It is because of free will. If your life gets better it won’t be because of what they have done. All they have done is taken your money and used your fear it get it from you.

Don’t fall victim to psychic scams. Don’t give them or anyone else make you feel powerless against a curse or a spell. Don’t believe anyone has the power to override someone’s free will. You may want to believe you can pay a psychic money to bring your ex back into your life. Don’t fall for the scam that a psychic can make someone love you again or change your life for the better. They can’t.  The only one that has a chance to change your life for the better is you. Psychics are here to let you know if you can change things for the better, and how to go about it.

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