King of Cups Shadowscapes Tarot

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The King of Cups in tarot cards may represent an actual person in your life. He represents a supportive person who is kind, fair, and skilled in both law and business, and who is very accountable for his dealings, such as in lawyer or a judge or a doctor. (Traditionally these have previously been male figures, but this could be a woman who embodies these characteristics as well).

The King of Cups will expect you to be accountable for your actions and emotions as well. He may be connected with a religious or worldly organization, legal, or other position of authority. In communications he is forthright and diplomatic, knowing how to skillfully bring harmony to a situation.

The King of Cups showing up in a reading can indicate that real love can enter your life now. It may mean that a long term relationship is in your future. It can mean the relationship will be very meaningful with deep emotions.

Are you having any legal issues or problems? In general you can expect all matters to go well, particularly those of a legal nature.  But be sure not to lose your cool in any legal matter. Stay focused and patient. It’s important to keep your head and wits about you, even if you are involved in a matter that is highly emotionally charged.

Go with the flow and don’t let anything upset your emotional balance. Make sure you are on top of, the master of, and in control of your emotions. Do not allow yourself to be manipulated, duped, or emotionally controlled or pushed to the edge by any means.  The King of Cups symbolizes someone who is savvy to all worldly matters and most definitely in charge. Patience and grace.


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