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The Justice card, when it comes out in a tarot reading, has a pretty straightforward meaning. Justice in the Tarot deck is numbered card 11 in the major arcana.  Justice is a karmic card and signifies that all will ultimately be made right and put in balance. This is good news for partnerships, legal matters in particular, and business dealings, as all will done fairly.  Justice also signifies that the truth will come out and all is right with the world. Remember to also deal with yourself fairly, and to not beat yourself up needlessly.

It is also a reminder to re prioritize and find a way of achieving balance in your life. Some aspect of your life may have garnered all of your attention lately. This neglect of other areas of your life may have consequences and it is time to focus on them as well. When our lives are off kilter, every area tends to suffer so balance is paramount to happiness and harmony. A well balanced life is a happy and healthy one. One that it out of balance is usually filled with stress and unhappiness.

If your relationship has been stuck in a rut, this card could indicate that it is time to let go. If you have not been in a relationship in a while, this card could indicate a new love interest on the horizon.

The Justice card reminds us to keep the mind uncluttered and keep our thoughts balanced and in order so that we may engage effectively in any decision making process that may present itself at this time.

The Justice card is also reflective in nature. Reflect upon duality, dual natures, light and dark, friend and foe, and the like. Weigh all sides of a matter.  Seek only the truth in any matter.  But in any event, know that justice will truly be served.

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