Judgment Tarot Card

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Judgment Tarot Card Meaning in Readings.

The Judgment card, which is number 20 of the major arcana in the Tarot deck, we see an angel with trumpet looking down from the heavens and onto humanity. This card is not about being harshly judged, or judged for past wrongs or perceived ‘wrongs”.  The judgment card is about celebration that proper and fair justice will be or has been rendered now. You can feel good about the effort you have put into life as you will be rewarded for it. It is time to reap the rewards of all your hard work.

The Judgment card heralds new opportunities arising and from unexpected places. And when they do, you must be ready to act upon such. This is the time to seize the opportunities for success and happiness that come your way. Look for patterns in your life and reflect upon where any pattern or belief system has previously held you back in some way. Get rid of anything that doesn’t work. Too, look to any area of your life where YOU are being judgmental and determine if this serves you well or if it does not.  If we are quite obstinate in our point of view, we may miss important messages that can come through now and that can help us make a sound decision at any crossroads in life.

The Judgment card indicates that you are at a life altering place on your journey. Be willing to leave the past behind and move forward now. Do not engage in self-recrimination or self-doubt on any level.  You are or soon will be released from any previous shackles or encumbrances that have held you back. The angel pictured in the Judgment card announces that this is a new phase or cycle of life. Reach up and embrace it.

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