Fortune tellers- Are all Psychics Fortune tellers

FortunetellerThis is a good question for anyone considering a psychic reading online or otherwise.  Are psychics fortune teller? The question is almost akin to asking “Are all doctors quacks?” or “Are all lawyers schieisters?”  But let’s explore further so we can begin to garner an informed opinion about psychics, psychic ability, and spiritual gifts.

Most real psychics today certainly don’t consider themselves to be fortunetellers.  We have many people on the planet today that came in here with genuine spiritual and psychic gifts which are natural and God-given.  Those kinds of gifts go way back to Biblical times.  So there is nothing evil or unnatural about them, despite some viewpoints or opinions that may tell us otherwise. And while everyone on the planet today has natural intuition, intuition is definitely not the same as real psychic ability.

Intuitive gifts were given to us all innately as a means of survival.  Our intuition is supposed to warn us when we are in a position where we must discern.  We can all fine tune our natural intuition. However, we cannot become psychic if we are not already psychic.  More on this in a different article.  For now let’s get back to our original question regarding fortunetellers.

Even in this day and age, some cities and counties still have “fortunetelling” laws on their books. Some of these date back to the early 1800s in fact; way way back to the times of gypsies and horse thieves.  In those early days of horse thievery and nomadic tribes and base superstitions, “fortunetellers” would try to scare people by telling them they had a curse on them and for some ridiculous sum of money they would remove it.  Some would even go so far as to tell people they were able to PUT a curse on someone. This is just absolutely not true. And thus the “curse scam” was born. This is why the “fortunetelling” laws still exist.  The original purpose – as it the case with many laws – was to protect the general, unsuspecting public who may fall victim to their superstitious fears.

Most real psychics today – many with advanced degrees in metaphysics – would take offense at being labeled “fortune tellers.”  These psychics, lightworkers, clairvoyants, psychic mediums, healers, spiritual teachers, and metaphysicians, feel they are here to genuinely help people through these troubled times. They are the first to tell anyone that they are definitely NOT fortunetellers, but rather spiritual messengers.

As we have free will – one of our greatest God-given gifts – there is no one who can tell your “fortune.”  We come in here with certain lessons to learn and certain soul contracts to fulfill. And along the way, we always have a choice, which shapes our future, rather than a “fortune” that is etched in stone.

Along with our free will, as with anything, we need to use our common sense judgment, our own discernment, and our own intuition when deciding whether someone is coming from a place of truth and integrity or not. And we also need to look to the “fruits,” because that is the basis that was given to us as a measure or truth or untruth.

When getting psychic readings online, or getting psychic readings anywhere, always keep these things in mind and you will come away with valuable information that you can use to create your own future.  So. . .are psychics fortunetellers? The answer is “no.” Real psychics are not fortunetellers.

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