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Event Dates

Here are our online psychic event dates for The Virtual Psychic Fair: January 19 & 20

Our online psychic event at The Virtual Psychic Fair is 2 days per month.  Every event has different vendors, psychics, and presenters. On event dates, our event starts at 10:00 AM Eastern time and goes until 10 PM Eastern time. Please note, we are all in different time zones. Some advisors will be logged on in your time zone and some in their own time zone. Use our handy arrange a call feature to make an appointment if the person you want to speak with is not logged on when you arrive.

  Next Online Event at The Virtual Psychic Fair:

Saturday and Sunday, January 19 & 20

Here in between event dates? You can still get a reading with one of our psychics. The psychic you want to talk to isn’t available? No problem. Use our handy “request a callback” feature and our system will call you back automatically when our psychic logs in.

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