Young womanA feeling of empowerment does wonders for ones sense of self esteem. Empowerment is not a feeling many people have these days, unfortunately. Many people feel so out of control, and such a lack of control, that they feel life is happening to them. They feel they are simply along for the ride with no power and no control.  Empowerment is the complete opposite.

Yes, life can happen to you, but you take what control you can, and dismiss what you cannot. Knowing the difference is a key step.  Too many people try to control what is out of their control.  It is no wonder they do not feel empowered. Focusing on what you cannot control is not the way to feel empowerment. Begin to focus on what is really in your control.  For instance, you may feel weak because you cannot get your friend to treat you the way you deserve.  Begin from a place of empowerment instead, by admitting to yourself that you have the choice of allowing this friendship to continue. When the choice is yours, you are in control. If someone is not being a friend to you in the way you deserve, drop them as a friend. What do you have to lose? A person who was treating you badly? They lost a good friend. So which of you lost more? They did.

An empowered person does not allow someone else’s perception of them to change their own. If you are a good person and a good friend, then you deserve good people as friends. If someone else does not wish to acknowledge that, it is their problem. not yours. Do not make the mistake of letting other people’s problems become your own. If you do that, you are not coming from a place of empowerment. You can help someone with their problem, but ultimately it is theirs to fix. Do not make it more of a problem for you than it is for them. Keep things in perspective.

If you are coming from a place of empowerment, you know your own value. When you know your own value, you will not allow anyone to sell you short. Not everyone will value you the way they should, but a person that is empowered won’t keep that person in their lives for long.

Again, you cannot force someone to value you. Trying to do that will not make you feel empowered. Knowing your value and keeping only those people in your life that also know your value is your choice. Always remember where your power lies and do not be afraid to use it.

Empowerment comes from a place of self awareness and knowledge. When no one can shake your faith and belief in what you know to be true about yourself, you have reached a place of empowerment. It is when you give that power to someone else that you become powerless.

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