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Email Readings

Excellent email readings at The Virtual Psychic Fair.  Our Email Reader, Lisa gives Angel Readings by email. All readers and email readers at The Virtual Psychic Fair have been tested for their accuracy and quality of their email readings. We strive to get email readings back to our clients within 24 to 48 hours, however if you order on a Friday, note that you may not receive your email reading until Monday.

Angel Readings with Lisa at The Virtual Psychic FairEMAIL READINGS – ANGEL READINGS WITH LISA:

Lisa, a Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Practitioner/Teacher of Prismology Light Healing, Certified Psychic Counselor and a professional sculptress, has been practicing Past Life Regression Therapy for over 15 years along with working with spirit guides and angels within the healing process. Lisa continues to provide a confidential, gentle and supportive environment for her clients.

During an Angel Reading, Lisa intuitively connects with your angels/guides from the celestial and elemental realms to bring you the guidance and messages that your angels have for you. With the assistance of her own guides and angels, Lisa also accesses the Akashic Records to bring clarity to areas in your life such as relationships, career, past life influences, etc. that will assist you in the highest possible way on your spiritual journey.  Lisa requires your name and date of birth (she does not need the year and she is not an astrologer), along with your list of questions.

Readings are offered either as 1/2 hour readings in which she will answer as many questions as she can in that time frame OR the full reading that will address ALL questions.

The type of question that works best usually begins with the words, “What, why or how,” such as: What am I to learn in this situation? or How can I change my perspective about..? Please avoid “when” questions and yes/no questions as these are affected by the Law of Free Will.

1/2 hour email reading (Angel Reading): $48.00

Full 1 hour email reading (Angel Reading) that answers all questions: $85.00

Angel Readings with Lisa

AFTER PAYMENT BE SURE TO USE THE “RETURN TO MERCHANT” LINK TO RECEIVE THE FORM TO ENTER YOUR QUESTIONS.  Please note that we make every attempt to get your email reading to you within 24 to 48 hours. If you’re ordering on a Friday evening, it is possible that you may not receive your reading until Monday. Thank you!


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