postcardJPGDyan Garris Chakra Balance Certification Course. A Journey Through Your Soul. ARE YOU READY?

Bring all of your multidimensional self, mind/body/spirit, into alignment. This distance learning CHAKRA BALANCE CERTIFICATION COURSE, is a journey to the center of you. It is double accredited by the American Council of Holistic Healers and the World Metaphysical Association, AND approved for the 50 hours of continuing education by NCBTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork).

Upon completion of the course, the student will learn to:

*Implement breathing, grounding and centering techniques

*Focus, hold the focus and meditate proficiently

*Learn to see, sense or have a clear knowing of the chakra system

*Learn the healing power of sound and how it resonates in the chakras

*Learn how energy flows through the chakra system and the physical body and how to the direct the energy flow.

*Develop increased and heightened intuition

*Discover how the chakra system works on many different levels and how to integrate, mind, body, spirit.

*Learn the color vibration of each chakra and the specific energies contained in each chakra and how to use the energy.

*Learn to clear and balance the chakras, using a combination of integrative methods

*Understand the technique of Automatic Chakra Balance (TM)

*Understand the foundations to integrate mind, body and spirit

Your Course Includes:

* Personal, one on one instruction with Chakra Intuitive Louise Vidaurri

*Course materials/guidebook

*Money and Manifesting Book–audio and e-book, and actual book mailed directly to you

*Meditation Journal–download PDF

*Two tracks from Release CD as Mp3 download–Illusions and Breathe

*Three tracks from Eight CD–Home-Call Ohm-The Eighth Ocean as MP3 download

*Perfect Pathways CD’s-Volume 1 and 2 as MP3 downloads. Six guided meditations

*2 Chakra Balance/Toning MP3’s –Chakra balance notes and syllables.

*Doors to the Soul DVD fro Automatic Chakra Balance–directly mailed to you.

Voice of the Angels-A Healing Journey, 7 Spiritual Cards -mailed directly to you.

The course is a 12 week program, allowing time for integration and processing of materials and emotions. There will be teleconference meetings at prescribed set times, throughout the coursework, to discuss the material and processing with the class, and with your coach/teacher, Louise Vidaurri.

Upon successful completion of the course, a final exam will be given. Passing grade is eighty-five percent (85%) or above. The exam is a combination of multiple choice questions and brief essay questions. To earn the certification you must also mail in your completed Meditation Journal for you teacher’s review. It will be returned to you to use, for review, as a tool for integrating and moving forward on your path.

As a graduate, with your permission, you will be mentioned as a graduate from this program, in our promotional material.

Upon successful course completion, you will receive a certificate of completion, Dyan Garris Certified Chakra Balance Practitioner, Level I.

Here’s what recent graduates had to say about the course:

Thank you so much for offering this Chakra Balance course! The course has changed my life on many levels, the most profound of which, is to embrace my personal power, stay centered and grounded and to know that there is nothing outside of my grasp, unless I believe it is. I cannot recommend your Chakra Balance course enough!–Ellen Hartwell.

The best thing I ever did was take this course… I can reset myself, reground, or center myself in the blink of an eye. I feel like there are even more talents to manifest as I get stronger in my ability. This has been a life changer in so many ways.  ~Patricia F.

Registration for this course is now being taken.  $1500 USD (Please advise if you need a payment plan).

CLICK HERE TO ORDER AND DOWNLOAD THE COURSE AND COURSE MATERIALS (Note: You will be taken to instructor and chakra intuitive, Louise Viduarri’s site for payment and download. Louise will contact you immediately to begin your course).