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Angels and Spirit Guides- Are They Around You?

Angels and Spirit Guides: How to Know if Spirits Are Around You Angels and spirit guides are always around us.  At times, we do also get visitations from loved ones…

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Readings with Rose

Rose – Born With Psychic Gifts! Blessed to be born with gifts passed down from both her grandfathers, one a psychic and the other a  healer, Rose lives to fulfill…

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Spirit Guides and Angels

Clients often express the desire to connect with their spirit guides and angels. They would like to be able to request assistance, see signs, or receive message from them. Many…

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Reverend Charlie – Professional Psychic

Reverend Charlie – Professional Psychic Reader Reverend Charlie has three decades of professional psychic reading experience. He tells you precisely what you need to hear for greater clarity. The clarity…

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Psychic Marilyn- Intuitive Angel Messenger & Medium

Psychic Marilyn- Intuitive Angel Messenger & Medium As an Intuitive Angel Messenger/Medium, Marilyn helps you to discover what angels are in your life to help with your own life purpose…

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Psychic Dee – The Healing Light

The Healing Light by Dee Psychic Dee connects with her guides and angels to give loving messages to those in need. Her gifts include clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsensitive, remote viewing and…

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