Being-Used-in-A-RelationshipIn a relationship, we want to feel useful, not used. No one wants to feel they are being used in a relationship.

A person can be used emotionally, mentally, physically, or financially. No one really wants to be considered just a booty call by the one they love. Does anyone really want to believe that if they withdrew their financial support their relationship would end? Of course not. We would want that person to stay with us because they love us, not just to use us financially.

We want people to be in relationships with us because they truly want to be with us. We should not allow ourselves to remain in relationships where we are being used. It is fine if a relationship is a give and take, with both parties contributing to the relationship. The problem is when the scales are unequally tipped in one direction.

You would be surprised to learn how many people know they are being used in a relationship and are fine with it. They would rather be used by the one they love than have the person leave them. This is not a relationship built on love, and thereby has no stability. Someone may stay with you because you support them financially, but their heart is not with you. You cannot buy their love. If a person with more money comes along, or they are able to make their own money, they do not need you anymore. Love can keep people together happily. Money won’t keep people together, it won’t make love grow, and it won’t create an environment of intimacy for the couple.

Being used for sex won’t necessarily lead to a loving relationship either. Not in every case. The sex may be great, but that doesn’t mean they will get into a serious relationship with you. Sometimes it is just wishful thinking that with time the one you love will want something more from your relationship. They may want your relationship to remain purely sexual, no string attached.

Someone who uses you mentally or physically does not always have deep emotional feelings for you and may never develop them. There comes a point in relationships that too much damage has been done at it has passed the point of no return. If no real love has developed or any real meaningful emotions have died, it may be too late.

You could be used in a relationship because you are the one that does all the work. You take care of all their needs yet they do nothing in return. They use you for all the good things you do for them, and you expect them to be grateful, yet all they do is take it for granted. Will they ever stop using you and begin giving back? Will they ever do their share so the relationship is more balanced? Will you ever start feeling appreciated instead of feeling like someone’s atm, housekeeper, problem solver, laundry service or private secretary? A psychic reading can help you find a solution and help you turn things around if at all possible.

Instead of just giving and giving and only being used, why not get a psychic reading and see if you can get more of what you want out of your relationship. It may not be possible for all, but it can be for some.

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