images_astrology_planetsAstrology comes in very handy in psychic readings. Many psychics use astrology in their psychic readings. Not every astrologer is psychic and not every psychic uses astrology.  Many psychics would not call themselves an astrologer but do use astrology in many ways when they give psychic readings.

Sometimes a psychic will use an astrology layout when doing a tarot card reading, and tarot card themselves for some psychics often represent astrological signs.  When doing a reading, sometimes psychics see astrological signs when they asked for timing. For instance, if a client asked a psychic when they may get a promotion, they may see or the tarot cards may reveal a particular astrological sign, which then gives them the timing for the client to get a promotion.  If you are asking about changing your job or career path, an astrologer can tell you if the timing is right. The astrology used in psychic reading can tell you if the time is right to ask for a raise as well.

Astrology in psychic reading is much different than a daily horoscope.  A daily horoscope is for every single person with that astrological sign on that particular day.  Astrology in psychic readings is much more specific and more detailed to that one particular client.  Compatibility between astrological signs and the difficulties they may encounter when in a relationship can help clients be more aware of issues they may face and how to handle them.

Different times of the yearly astrology forecast can tell a person when a relationship may hit a rocky patch. If you are consulting with an astrologer and asking about a relationship, the astrologer will most likely need at least the dates of birth of both of you.  An astrologer can help you gain insightful information into the one you love and what their sign and chart say about your present and future.

When getting a psychic reading you are not required to give the psychic your date of birth or that of a person you may be inquiring about. Of course you can ask your psychic reader if that information would be helpful to them, or the psychic themselves will ask you if they need it.  Everyone has a preference when it comes to psychic readings, and many clients we have encountered have had great experiences with the use of astrology in psychic readings.

When it comes to career, finance, relationships, and so much more, astrology can offer tremendous insight and awareness that can be of great value to clients. Our site has some very gifted astrologers that can help you in areas such as romance, career, finances, and even family matters.