Are Psychics Real?Are Psychics Real?

It’s a good question: Are psychics real?  Is there a good answer? Sure there is.  Yes, psychics are real. They’ve existed since the beginning of time. But psychics and psychic ability are sometimes still greatly misunderstood.  The definition of a “psychic” has become distorted. As well, there is still a “biblical” or “taboo” kind of energy around psychics, even in this day and age when people are becoming more aware of and in tune with their own innate intuition.

If you are psychic or if you know someone who is, and they are having trouble coming to terms with their natural psychic gifts because of a religious conflict of some sort, there is an excellent book on the subject: “The Bible: The Truth about Psychics & Spiritual Gifts.”

Now, what is or what are the hallmarks of real psychics, really? There are a lot of people out there now purporting to be real psychics but aren’t.  So how can we tell if we are talking with a real psychic or not? And how do we know for sure are psychics real? One of the very first things to know is that a real psychic should be able to tell you things in a psychic reading that they would not have any knowledge of by any ordinary means.  Sometimes this is the psychic bringing forth names of people that are special to you, and these many times aren’t just common names like John or Mary or common initials.  Sometimes it’s the bringing forth of information that only you or very few people around you know.  As well, someone with real psychic ability will be able to make real psychic predictions for you that actually come true.

It can be very challenging to believe in something we can’t see or perhaps fully understand. Also, there is a lot of ingrained fear or “negativity” surrounding the topic of “Are Psychics Real.” Many were taught that psychics are evil or from the dark side. This is simply not true. All of us were given different spiritual gifts (and real psychic ability is only one spiritual gift).  All of us were given the gift of intuition.  These don’t necessarily make a “psychic.” However, it is time for us to embrace the truth that we are all spiritual beings with a natural, healthy connection to Source, God, Universe, or whatever you’d like to call it.

In any metaphysical, psychic, or spiritual realm, one should always use what is called “discernment of spirits.” It’s perhaps important to note too, that any real psychic will know exactly what spirits they are communicating with and if they are of the light or not, because most real psychics have gone through great spiritual trials and tribulations in the process of coming to terms with their psychic and spiritual gifts. They have learned discernment of spirits the hard way.

Anyone with real psychic gifts knows they are here to serve the Light and help people with those gifts. And they do so with pure of heart and loving intention. They do so from the goodness and depths of their soul.  Remember that we were also taught that we will “know them by the fruits.” This was one important measure that was given to us for discernment. We can normally intuit between who is just placating people, telling them a bunch of hooey, or what they may want to hear, or truly bringing forth real psychic information in order to help people in some profound way.  So always look to the fruits of what comes out of a person’s ministry, be it a psychic ministry or other kind of ministry, instead of whatever fear based pattern that may have been passed down through the ages.

So are psychics real? Is the wind real? Are there a whole lot of mysterious things that are still beyond our earthly comprehension or total understanding, yet we can feel the truths that are imprinted upon our souls? Yes, yes, and yes.

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