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Angels and Spirit Guides: How to Know if Spirits Are Around You

Angels and spirit guides are always around us.  At times, we do also get visitations from loved ones who have crossed over.  So it’s easy to say that spirits are around you.  With the veils so thin between this world and the other realms, and ghost hunters going around opening portals for entertainment purposes, we also can get visited by entities of questionable nature. If you feel you’re being visited by spirits, then you most probably are. And it’s important, then, to be able to discern between spirits.

Just because there are spirits around you, you can hear a particular spirit and they can hear you, does not mean that you are bound or obligated to communicate with whomever it is. In our physical world, we don’t walk down the street speaking to everyone we encounter. It is perfectly fine and desirable to be discerning about who you speak to here and from the other realms. This is not about fear. It’s about prudence and discernment.

Angels and spirit guides communicate with us in a variety of ways. These particular entities have “light” energy around them. They ARE light. They feel light. If you can see them, you will note that they look “light.” Most often they are perceived as tall figures. Some of these are your “guardians.” Angels and spirit guides usually come to us to deliver specific messages. These messages are communicated in a telepathic way or a “knowing” manner. Sometimes, however, you will hear a distinct and separate voice.

Angels and spirit guides also can be dispatched to keep us from harm’s way. These situations are when you will most often hear a distinct voice as in, “Don’t turn!” or “Take my hand,” or “Don’t get on that elevator.” In these situations, the “voice” is separate, distinct, and unmistakable.

Sometimes our angels and spirit guides will visit us in the dream state and/or in meditation. They come to us this way mainly if we are not able to clear our mind chatter during the day, or we’re not consciously communicating with them, and they have something important to impart to us. Again, usually their purpose is to deliver an important message, to bring comfort, or to provide guidance.

Your angels and spirit guides always have a distinct frequency and vibration. Words, as we know them, aren’t necessary, as these beings speak in the universal language of the soul. You can speak directly to them with your spirit or telepathically, i.e., all without words.

Your angels and spirit guides will often give you a specific signal so that you know it is them. This could be almost anything, and it is consistent and persistent. It is non-threatening and does not cause fear. For example, some people feel as if a warm blanket surrounds them when their angels are around them. Some people get very cold, some people are shown a specific symbol, hear a specific tone, or are given a specific combination of signals as confirmation that it is indeed your very own angels and spirit guides.

Our crossed over loved ones visit us as well with messages of comfort, to impart information, to provide guidance or direction, to keep us from harm’s way, or to discuss unfinished earthly business. Their vibration and frequency is much the same as it was when they were here in the physical body. They are easy to recognize. If we find we cannot speak to them directly, they will very often leave signs, or try to get our attention in other ways, such as coins dropped on the floor, (“pennies from Heaven”), or they will move objects in your home, make the lights flicker, etc. Sometimes you will smell a distinct perfume or fragrance.

Crossed over loved ones will also frequently visit us in our dream time to bring us messages or let us know that they are fine. A psychic medium reading can help bring forth specific messages from your departed loved ones directly to you.
If you feel as if the presence of spirits is around you then most probably it is.

Look for definitive signals. If you don’t recognize the spirits who are trying to communicate with you – and even if you believe you do – ask them who they are, where they are from, and what they want. “State your business,” is a good phrase to use. If they don’t answer, their purpose in being around you is not clear, if you are feeling uncomfortable for any reason, you simply ask them to leave as you would any unwanted guest. Keep in mind that your departed loved ones, angels, and guides, will never make you feel uncomfortable in any way and they will never scare you. So if you’re feeling fear or feeling an odd vibe, be sure to question and ask. Discernment of spirit visitations is paramount. And remember you are always in control.

Dyan Garris is a multiple award nominated New Age recording artist, a visionary mystic, voice recognition psychic, and trance channel medium who reads from the Akashic Records. She has helped thousands of people move forward by teaching them to use and connect the power contained in their chakras. Her chakra balance certification course is double accredited and is approved as 50 hours of continuing education through NCBTMB. She has created a “Spiritual Toolbox” of products that are designed to work together for multi-dimensional, integrative healing. These include a multiple award nominated CD series with many #1 charting songs. Her music and meditation CDs were independently tested and have earned “The National Health and Wellness Stamp of Approval.” Garris is also the author and artist of Voice of the Angels – A Healing Journey Spiritual Cards – the first deck of angel cards with channeled messages, plus accompanying music and guided meditation – and several books, including the best-selling, award winning finalists Money and Manifesting and Money and Manifesting II. Garris’ new oracle decks Song of OM, The Integration Cards, and Oracle of Tea were released in 2016. Her new CD, Mystic’s Nine, will also be released in 2016. Author website: and