thoth tarot ace of cups

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All the aces signify new beginnings. So of course when the Ace of Cups shows up you can look for a new start in some area (or more than one) of your life. This is especially true when it comes to relationships or partnerships between two people. This could be the beginning of a brilliant and successful new partnership. It could be the sign of a new romantic relationship coming your way on the horizon. The suit of Cups in general, is representative of our emotions or emotional state. This is about feelings, more so than thinking.

The Ace of Cups indicates the start of love, joy and fruitfulness in relationship. This is either pertaining to romantic or business interests or both. This card signifies fulfillment. It also signifies creativity. It is success on an emotional level. Any current relationships can attain new heights or go to new levels of intimacy. It is time to allow yourself to express your emotions. Be sure to express these emotions the right way. Be sure to do so in positive, open, and loving way.

The Ace of Cups can also represent an optimistic outlook, and new understanding. It may be time for a promotion or a change in your career or job. It may signify that  more money coming your way. This is spirit manifesting in the physical world. This is spirit being “baptized” into the physical, earthly realms. And, depending upon what other cards are in the reading, could also indicate the birth or conception of a child. In any case, compassion and generosity come to the forefront. Be sure to give more than you take. Allow goodness to flow. Show gratitude for what you are being given, and what you already have. Keep your outlook open minded, focused, and positive.

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