Premier Global Metaphysical Event Online


virtual-psychic-fair_slide1_555x346_professional_psychics copyAbout The Virtual Psychic Fair, premier metaphysical online event.

Welcome to The Virtual Psychic Fair online event. Here you can attend our special metaphysical event online at your convenience. We’ve assembled some of the best psychics, best psychic mediums, Tarot card readers, vendors, top metaphysical teachers and speakers in one convenient place.


Did you ever want to attend a special event and even planned to do so, yet found that something else came up, or for some reason you just weren’t able to go? Or perhaps you just didn’t feel like leaving the house when event day came around. Or maybe the event was in a different part of the country and you couldn’t get there at the time. The Virtual Psychic Fair is for you!

At The Virtual Psychic Fair, you can get a private phone reading or private chat with one of our professional advisors. On event dates we also have free lectures/workshops on our Facebook page. These are live and interactive.  Be sure to visit our special Vendor Mall and our Exhibitor Hall.

The best part of our online psychic event is that you don’t have to leave the comfort and privacy of your home, and here you can have a reading/session with some of the best psychics and metaphysicians in the world. Read more about “why.”

  Here are the basics of how best to attend our online psychic event:

1. To make a call with a psychic you need to make an account with our 3rd party calling platform, Click4Advisor. See below for “What is Click4 and is it safe?” Then you can click on the “call now” button of the psychic of your choice OR you can use our toll free number to call. You can also request an appointment if the person you want to speak with is not available, and you can request an automatic callback in a time frame of your choosing.

2. To attend a totally free presentation on event day, just click on the link for that presentation that you will find on the “free lecture” page.  This will take you to our 3rd party video platform provider.  You will be asked to register for the free presentation. You can do this by signing in with your Facebook account OR you can make a free account through the video platform provider. No one is doing anything with your email address. We are not saving it, storing it, sharing it, following you around the web, or using it for any other purpose other than for you to register to attend the event.

3. Be sure to browse our special Vendor Mall and Exhibitor Hall. Try out one of our free animated card readings.

4. If you subscribe to our Virtual Psychic Fair newsletter, we will send you reminder of event date, plus let you know about offers for free gifts on event dates. We only send out the newsletter near event date.

If you need help, see FAQs or feel free to CONTACT US. We are HERE!

That’s it! Have fun!


What is Click4Advisor and is it safe?