Premier Global Metaphysical Event Online

Why You Should Attend

3_woman-on-computer_555x346 copyWhy attend The Virtual Psychic Fair? Why even have a psychic fair online?  As the founder of the three largest, most successful psychic fairs in Arizona,  Dyan Garris says, “Our online event is so much more than just a ‘psychic fair.’  It’s a global metaphysical event.

“We’d like to give everyone an opportunity to attend our special psychic events online and attend our free lectures/workshops as well.  Not everyone can travel to Sedona, Arizona or Phoenix, or Tucson.

“The Virtual Psychic Fair is once per month – for 2 days only – and we feature some of the best psychics in the world.  The Virtual Psychic Fair online gives you opportunity you wouldn’t ordinarily have, to connect with these real psychics and have one of the best psychic readings online ever and at an affordable rate.

“You can attend from the comfort of your home from your computer or cell phone. Each psychic charges their own per minute rate for our online psychic fair and you control the length of your reading.   Our state of the art calling platform ensures that your information is secure and your calls are confidential and private.

“Why waste your time and money calling unknown online “psychics?” We test all of our approved psychics for real psychic ability AND  phone psychic ability reading, which is an entirely different matter than an in-person reading.  AND we know them personally. Call with confidence.

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